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Outrageous Grounds: THE MAZE

Game features

Immersive Motion System

Our Immersive Motion for Virtual Reality simulates a variety of actions such as: walking, running, climbing, jumping, shooting, etc. It offers a highly reduced chance of simulator sickness with complete freedom of movement.

Wide Variety of Weapons

Wide variety of weapons for you to shoot and hack your way through The Maze enemies!

Dynamic objects

Outrageous amount of dynamic interaction. Pick up, Grab, Toss, Throw, break and destroy anything in the maze. Instant satisfaction guaranteed.

Breathtaking Graphics

Visually stunning and engaging environments to explore, enjoy... and get lost into.

Engaging storyline

Experience an amazing storyline with intriguing characters along your perilous journey through the maze.

Original Soundtrack

All original soundtracks and ambience by Ben Borges that elevates the gameplay to another level! Check it out for yourself!

Easter eggs

OUTRAGEOUS Easter eggs, surprises, immersion, suspense, action, exploration and everything you want from VR.

Committed team

Devoted team working on the game 24/7(literally, we don’t take days off) to bring you updates every other week.

Community Feedback

Community feedback will play an important role in the game development and the order in which new features will be released. We listen and we'll take players wishes and requests into account.

Outrageous Grounds: The Maze

Check out the trailer!

Who you are

You wake up in a robot body with no recollection of where you come from or where you're at..

Your objective

Your objective is to unravel the Maze's backstory with clues from puzzles, quests and the environment around you. The knowledge aquired as you go will eventually help you to stay alive and prepare you for the unexpected events ahead.

The Challenges

The Maze is teaming with mysterious creatures, some of them friendly and some hostile so exercise caution when first meeting them. There are also dozens of puzzles in the maze, some small and arbitrary, some bigger and more advanced. Last but not least, stay alive!

Get the Free Demo!

The Team

Our Awesome and Hard Working Crew

Pyry Parkkola

VR-3D Artist

Thiago Ferreira

VR Level Designer

Niko Ranta

VR-3D Artist

Joonas Kangas

VR Programer

Marie Claire Scotte

Lead Concept Artist

Ben Borges

VR Audio Engineer

For more on OG: the Maze game and demo content, click on the links below.